Well-behaved Women Don’t Make History

Remember when we had free speech? When there were people who would say things that you didn’t like or disagreed with, and you simply changed the station or didn’t read their material? You had the CHOICE to do that. If you thought Dr. Seuss was racist, you could choose to pass on his books. Those red and blue fish must have been deeply offensive to those with severe sunburns or hypothermia, I guess. Then we have artists whose main objective is to be controversial, like Cardi B. She can release songs with lyrics such as, “Yeah, you fuckin’ with some wet-ass pussy,” (from her huge hit WAP), and nobody bats an eye. But let’s ban Dr. Seuss. What’s next, pulling re-runs of Mister Rogers?

Though I am not a fan of Cardi B, and her weak-ass lyrics that serve no purpose other than to shock us, I am not calling for her to be banned. Because, you know, the First Amendment… She has every right to create whatever kind of trash she likes. I just won’t buy it or listen to it. I’ll put on some music that speaks to me, and spend my money to go see musicians with class and style. If you’re a fan of Cardi B, go ahead and buy her albums and attend her concerts. It’s your Constitutional right to do so.

What I can’t wrap my head around is how the VERY SAME PEOPLE who have spent decades demanding freedom are the ones who are offended by everything. Liberals have traditionally had the “live and let live” philosophy, but now head up the cancel culture. What the hell happened? I feel like we’ve stepped into some kind of Twilight Zone, where everything is opposite of what it’s supposed to be.

I find it disturbing that we can no longer agree to disagree. If someone doesn’t like what I say, they go on a mission to silence me. This is extremely dangerous to everyone’s rights. It stifles the creative process and limits innovation. Some of the greatest writers, musicians and inventors in history have been thought to be crazy at some point. What if the Wright brothers had decided to give up on the idea of flying, because people thought they were nuts? I’m quite sure people thought they were nuts.

We live in a society where a small group strives to control the masses. They want us to be the same. Let me tell you what happens when we all become the same – mediocrity. No more inventions or interesting reading materials or music. Blandness. Mind-numbing normalcy. What incentive does a person have to spend countless hours working on a scientific discovery if they know that the guy next door is going to be paid the same amount for sitting on his butt watching The Walking Dead (or as I like to call it, America)? Don’t you see what wealth distribution and propaganda are doing to us?

I’m going to go into the controversial, because it must be said for those in the back who haven’t gotten the message yet: the virus is being used for manipulation. Look how quickly and easily the majority fell lock-step into communism. Hear me out, while I still have the ability to speak: Hitler used terms like “it’s for the greater good,” and encouraged citizens to turn in their non-compliant neighbors and family members. Does this sound at all familiar? It’s not a conspiracy theory, folks. It’s in plain sight. Put on your mask, get your vaccine and shut the fuck up. That’s what they want, and many of you are too scared to argue against it.

I received a call last night from a friend who works in health care. A few of his co-workers received the vaccine on February 24th and 25th, and then tested positive on the 27th. If you don’t think that they are going to use this to convince the people that there is “a new strain” of the virus, and we need to continue to wear masks, close down businesses and tow the line, you need your head examined. It’s not a conspiracy if it’s in plain sight.

If I had a dollar for every person who sent me a private message or told me in person, “I’d like to say what I think, but I will get in trouble with my employer” or, “I have to be careful what I share online, because my family/friends will disown me.” I’m not going to lie; I have lost friends over the last year. Lots of them. And I have gained even more. The ones I have gained are my people. The ones who left me are not. Better to have raving fans and haters then a whole bunch of people who “like” me. God didn’t put me on this earth to be “liked.” He put me here to lead, and to speak the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.

If what I say challenges your narrative, that’s perfect. I’m not looking to have you agree with me. I want you to feel challenged to question everything. Question me. Research what I say and find out if I’m telling the truth or if I’m full of shit. Either way, you’re getting an education.  Do you like Cardi B, and her brash lyrics? Then let me put in words that will resonate: quit being a pussy. Put on your big boy pants, and do your damn homework. Look up the historical meaning of masking. Check out the ingredients in the vaccine. DO SOMETHING. You’ve had a whole year, for fuck’s sake. Take ownership of that.

If, at the end of the day, you say, “I can’t stand that bitch who questions everything,” that’s ok. This is why I am a brilliant, unemployed teacher. I make people think, and the schools aren’t too keen on that. They are primarily propaganda machines. There are many brilliant teachers who feel like they are being silenced in order to keep their jobs. I know this because they have private messaged told me.  I have a medical mask exemption, but to be honest, I wouldn’t wear one even if I could. I have done my homework, and I know that they are useless. Recent studies, should you care to read them, point to the virus being spread through fecal matter. Look it up: I double-dog dare you. I realize that I just drew a line in the sand, and no public school will ever hire me again. That’s fine, because I don’t need a building in which to teach people. I will never put money before my free speech or health. It’s called integrity.

Unchartered Territory

Crap. I really thought I had figured it out. Years ago, I started this blog as a way of breaking free from the chains that bound me – an awareness had come over me that I was living my life for others. So, I worked hard, finishing my bachelor’s degree, becoming a Certified Professional Coach and Reiki Master Teacher, all in the course of four years. But I’m still…stuck.

Recently, I made the decision to train in Myofascial Release Therapy. I love Reiki, but I want to be able to serve my clients at a higher level, and offer more immediate physical pain relief. Don’t get me wrong; Reiki is phenomenal. I just need more. I always need more. More money, more connection, more love…more, more, more. Why can’t I just be content? What is that like?

I’ve come to the realization that I don’t know how to prioritize myself. I’ve been working with a coach for the last few months to conquer my food addiction (that’s a whole different story that explains why diet plans have never stuck), and in last week’s Zoom meeting we talked about making ourselves a priority. The majority of women with food addictions use it for grounding and numbing – after taking care of everyone else’s needs, they are making no time to care for themselves. I’m right in the thick of that.

During our call, we did a journaling exercise, which involved our coach asking us to answer a series of questions. The second to last question was, “Am I willing to prioritize myself, despite my fears and concerns?” I sat there, not knowing how to answer the question. Finally, I wrote “I want to prioritize myself from a cognitive level.” Then our coach asked the last question, which was “Why?”

Here’s where it got interesting…my answer was, “I know I can serve others at a higher level if I take care of myself.” What a noble answer – it was exactly what society tells us to do as women. God forbid I would put my needs before those of another. That would be looked upon as “selfish” or worse, “narcissistic.” This answer felt safe and familiar. I would do anything to be able to take care of others. I am selfless and caring, right? What a load of crap.

Everything we do is either to avoid pain or to receive pleasure. For most of us, the avoidance of pain is the biggest driver of our actions. I’m going to avoid getting political here, but y’all know where I stand on blind compliance for “the better good.” In my personal life, I have been putting my needs on the back burner to make others lives’ easier and more comfortable. I thought finishing my education was for me, but now that I really evaluate it, it was to avoid pain. I was rejected for a job that I was very qualified to do, because I didn’t have a degree, and the guy they hired did. He was not qualified in any way outside of having the golden ticket – I wasn’t going to ever let that happen to me again. I do this in every aspect of my life, from work to relationships. 

So, what pain am I trying to avoid?

Rejection and abandonment. I have struggled with these for most of my life. My parents divorced when I was five years old. My dad left and took a job in Georgia. Fucking Georgia! As if there weren’t a single job in Wisconsin for him. Being a five-year-old, I couldn’t really wrap my little head around this, and I loved my dad at the level of hero worship. So, I had no idea that he was being a selfish asshole by moving so far away from me. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that my dad was fighting his own demons, which no doubt contributed to his decision, but he has no idea what kind of damage was caused to his little girl and how I would spend the rest of my life rejecting people before they had the chance to reject me, or sabotaging relationships before they got too serious. That has always felt “safe.”

Now that I am realizing this, I am questioning my relationships with many people. I’m looking at how I have allowed my needs to go unmet to keep them happy, to keep them from rejecting me. I know I have lots of amazing, legitimate friends, but there are a few people that I have in my life that drain my energy, leaving me feel anxious and uncertain most of the time. It’s time to take a hard look at those connections and set some solid boundaries. I’ll probably need some help with that, because I’ve never done it before.

It’s also time to look at my career path, and ask some hard questions about my motivations. Am I pursuing this career because it makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning and get to work? I’m not sure. If I’m being totally honest, writing and teaching are the things that light me up like nothing else. Teaching has been taken away from me due to the mask mandates, and teaching online is stupid and boring. I’ve been teaching my 11th grade religious education online all year, and it sucks. I miss being face to face with these amazing young people.

I’m curious to find out what will happen when I start living on my terms for real. Who will stay and who will go? What will I do with my career? Will this blog evolve into a book? (That’s a big “hell, yeah!” from my soul, by the way.) Why does it take being stripped of all certainty to make me realize what my heart has known all along? I’m worth more than the life I’m living. It’s time to own that shit. I would love for you to join me in looking at how you are honoring your needs versus sacrificing for the sake of keeping people happy. Be careful – you might end up getting everything you ever wanted. That’s my plan.

Sweet Little Lies

“This above all; to thine own self be true.” –William Shakespere

You are smarter than this. You are. You have just been programmed for years and years to trust the government; to believe that the media are honest. I’m so sorry to have to turn the spotlight on, but it’s time. This whole thing is about manipulating you, and it’s high time you put the brakes on it. Questioning the narrative doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist – it means you are a critical thinker who is able to take the information you are given and put it through a series of filters to determine whether or not it makes sense. If something doesn’t add up, you need to ask, “Why not?”

Do you know that right now there are horrible, corrupt people sitting somewhere, looking at the Facebook and Twitter feeds, laughing at us? I’m serious – we are nothing more than pawns on a chessboard to these malicious pieces of dirt. While we argue and demean one another, un-friending people as we go, someone is sitting back like an evil genius, watching things play out exactly as planned.

Yesterday, there were peaceful protests. Last summer, there were peaceful protests. There was a common denominator in both of these scenarios, and that is what started the riots in both cases. It wasn’t Trump supporters. It wasn’t BLM members. It was Antifa. Period. Antifa is a group of domestic terrorists funded by George Soros, the aforementioned evil genius. Do some research: check into the members who head up Antifa. They aren’t like us – they are the fringe – the scary mofos that we thought only existed in movies. Look at the photos from BLM riots next to photos from yesterday’s riot at the Capitol. You will see a lot of the same players.

So, how can this be, you ask? Simple. You are a good person with good morals and you are busy taking care of yourself and your family. You don’t have time to look into the nefarious characters who want to control our country through communism disguised as socialism. You don’t want to believe that certain high-ranking officials are using your trusting nature to gain control over you. And this isn’t one-sided. There are absolute pieces of trash from both parties who want to destroy our freedom for their own gain. This is why I refuse to call myself a Democrat or a Republican. They are two wings on the same damn bird.

Ask yourself, “Why are we still being forced to wear masks and lockdown businesses when doing so has INCREASED the Covid numbers?” In the words of our President-elect Biden: “C’mon man.” The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. I used to think people were judging me for not wearing masks, with their hard stares in the aisles of Festival Foods.  Now, I honestly think they are jealous that I have the balls to defy the illegal mandates, and they wish they were brave, too. Here’s the thing – if we all just refused to comply, they wouldn’t be able to keep controlling us. Masks aren’t about disease prevention – they are a test to see how easy it is to control people. We failed. Miserably.

This isn’t about Trump. This isn’t about Biden. Why on earth do you think Biden was chosen from that huge group of candidates who originally threw their hats into the ring? OMG. Some of them would have been great leaders. But that was exactly the problem – they didn’t want a great leader who would question the status quo. They already had that, and spent four years trying to get him impeached on bullshit charges. You don’t have to like Trump to take a sincere look at what he did as a president. He was uncovering the truth; draining the swamp. He was dangerous to those who sought to control us, and he had to go.

I doubt that Joe Biden even wants to be president. He just headed up the laziest campaign in the history of the world and came out with 11 million more votes than Obama. Are you kidding me? Obama was wildly popular. There is no way that this was a true election. Critical thinking….just because it came out the way you wanted it to doesn’t mean it was correct. I only want the truth, whether it fits my desired outcome or not. And two Democratic senators from a Republican state like Georgia? For fuck’s sake. Wake up and smell the voter fraud.

I have been pretty quiet for the past several months, not wanting to add to the division. I sat back and thought it best to let people do what made them feel safe and secure. Let them wear their masks, even though they provide a false sense of security while cases go up. Let them support whomever they felt would be a good leader, without saying a word. I just can’t do it for one more day. I apologize to the people I let down – my tribe who appreciates my outspoken nature. I dropped the ball, trusting that Americans would be strong enough and smart enough to figure this shit out on their own. But the longer it continues, the angrier I become. I refuse to be manipulated, and I’m mad as hell that others are accepting it.

My sincere hope is that the truth will come out as a result of this. People will wake up to the child trafficking and sex slavery being funded by our tax money. I understand that you don’t want to believe that. The truth is often inconvenient and hard to face. If you gave it any validity, you would have to do something about it. That is uncomfortable. Consider this – what if it were your child who was flown off to Epstein Island? Wouldn’t you want “conspiracy theorists” to help your kid? I know I would, because our senators sure as hell aren’t going to do it. There’s too much money at stake for them.

And what about the $726 Billion dollars of “foreign aid” that were stuffed into the “Covid Relief Bill?” Aren’t you livid that our legislators would approve that? I am. I’m super resourceful, so I will always find a way to make it through, but there are millions of Americans who are struggling right now, and that money should be helping them. Period. Where is the outrage? I’ll tell you – peacefully protesting in DC. Being made to look like terrorists. Think about that for a moment.

It is the Age of Aquarius, and if you know anything about Aquarians, it’s that we are truth seekers. Call me a conspiracy theorist. Call me hippie-dippy. Slander me all over the internet. I don’t care. I will stand in my truth and defend what is right. I’m not going to stand by while my friends on both sides of the political spectrum are lied to. Game over.

Why do you vote the way you do?

This morning, I read a post that gave “mask-wearing” a political affiliation. Wait. What? Yes, you read that correctly: according to the post I read, if you wear a mask, you are a Democrat, and if you don’t, you’re a Republican. This was a “wtf moment” for me. How did we get to a point in society that something like whether or not you wear a mask determines the political party to which you belong? I don’t wear masks for various reasons, none of which have to do with my political affiliation. I know that because I don’t subscribe to political parties.  I despise them. I’m going to irritate both sides here, but it’s time to take off your blinders and look at the TRUTH.

First of all, this country was founded on the premise of freedom: freedom to choose your religion, freedom to write or speak your opinion (thank God for this one – I use it liberally), freedom to bear arms, etc. If you don’t know the rest, get yourself a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America. I keep a copy in my desk for easy reference. It’s literally $1.00. Here’s the link:

Political parties weren’t always this way…they were founded with good intentions, meant to unite like-minded groups of people, not to violently divide the nation. George Washington did forewarn of the dangers of a two-party system, which is what we are dealing with today. Yes, I know that we have more than two parties, but let’s face it, what chance do you have of winning an election as a member of the Libertarian, Green or Constitution parties? Sorry if I left any parties out – it doesn’t matter, because you’re not going to win any elections. It’s actually a shame, because these fringe parties do a far better job of representing the majority of Americans than the Republicans or Democrats ever will, but people feel like they are “wasting their vote” when they choose candidates from other parties.

Over the last several decades, we have allowed the political parties to divide and conquer. They have chosen their platforms, and used them to pit Americans against one another. I would propose a complete dismantling of parties – I know, I’m an idealist, but a girl can dream…think of a country where people ran for office based on their own morals, values and track records. What if voters had to actually KNOW for whom they were voting, because there was no “D” or “R” behind their name? Just the thought of this makes me giddy with delight!

Let’s take a look at some platforms. I would invite you to write down the ones that mean the most to you, and then circle your non-negotiable issues. After you do that, research where the candidates stand on them. I do this exercise with my coaching clients – we call it a Values Assessment. It encourages people to really consider what is most important to them, why it’s important, and how to honor it in their daily lives. I think it would be extremely helpful in the voting process, as well.

Here are some issues to take a look at: Jobs and the Economy, Human Rights, the Environment, Government Power (level of control), Pro Life/Pro Choice, Taxation, Government Programs, Social Security, Gun Control, Constitutional Rights, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Military Force, Health Care, Energy, Terrorism, Education, Diversity and Equality, and National Security. Some of these are very important to you, and some of them aren’t on your radar. That’s perfectly normal and ok. After assessing the list, and determining how the candidates stand on the issues most important to you, you can intelligently choose a candidate for whom to vote.

Currently, Americans are encouraged to register as either Democrats or Republicans. This removes all responsibility for researching candidates and issues. It’s just lazy, actually. Voting is a right that was not always available to everyone. It was only granted to white, male landowners at our country’s conception. Things have certainly changed, but with greater rights come greater responsibilities. Voting without education is irresponsible. People spend more time researching what kind of car they are going to buy than who they are going to put in the White House. I’ll be the first to admit that I am guilty of not always knowing everything I should about every candidate. There is always more work to do, and I am becoming more vigilant than ever because our nation’s future depends upon it.

I realize that I am asking you undertake what appears to be a monumental task, but it’s important, especially given the fact that the two main parties are power-hungry sons-of-bitches who will say anything to keep their control over us. I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, but rather to invite you to make the decision based on your values. The media is not to be trusted. Period. Do your own homework.

When looking at issues, please also ask important questions, like, “Who is going to pay for this?” Spoiler alert: the answer is always “YOU.” As someone sitting on a mountain of my own student loan debt with two kids in college, I could be selfish and vote for someone who wants to forgive student loans. Sounds great, right? On the surface, yes, it does. When I consider further issues, such as “How much it will cost?” the shiny object has lost its sheen. If higher education is free, it will become as significant as a high school diploma, because everyone will have it. So, will you have to get a Master’s degree or Doctorate to set yourself apart in the job market? How long are you going to go to school before you start working and paying taxes to pay for your free education?

The point I am trying to make is that we should all be informed voters, not just robots who are programmed to choose candidates based on party without careful consideration as to what they will actually do with the power granted to them by the people. Remember that WE are paying their salaries. They work for us, not the other way around. Politicians seem to have lost sight of the fact that they do not have the right to control us. Ever. Remind them that they are being chosen to serve, not to be served. We must not tolerate the division of our nation any longer.

The constant stone walling and arguing is not only dividing the country, but it is keeping important work from being completed. How long would you be able to keep your job if you did nothing but argue with your co-workers and slow production? Probably not very long, but yet we allow politicians to stay in office for decades while their main objective is to halt production. It’s time we run our country the way we would run a corporation – with productivity, fiscal responsibility, respect to our employees and cooperation between our leaders.

Shame on Me? No, Shame on You.

After 3 years of not having any anxiety attacks, I thought I had it completely under control. Until this week – I had not one, but two panic attacks. The first was when I tried to wear a mask to go into a business with my family, after having spent the day sitting outside of stores, while they went inside and shopped. I thought since it was only for a few minutes, I’d be OK. I was not OK. The anxiety hit me, and my heart rate jumped, and I started hyperventilating. I left immediately, and continued sitting outside, feeling like the kid who nobody want to play with at recess. I’ve been that kid, so I know how it feels.

Today, I commented on a friend’s post, which was about how he thought that wearing a mask shows that he care for others. I commented that I care tremendously, but I am unable to wear a mask due to PTSD and anxiety. He responded with love and kindness, because he is great guy with a heart of gold. We don’t agree on everything, but we respect each other and our friendship.

What followed was unimaginable – people ganged up on my like mean girls in high school. They called me a liar and accused me of being selfish and uncaring. I explained how I am a Reiki Master and Energy Healer, and have devoted my life to helping others, and how dare they attack someone they don’t even know? The attacks kept coming, so I thought perhaps they might learn a lesson about compassion if I explained the trauma that had caused my issues. I told them about the molestation, rape, finding my dad dead, two miscarriages, and a gas stove that had exploded in my face, throwing me into another room. I woke up with night terrors for months after that.

I don’t know how they responded, because what followed for me was sitting in my car, shaking and crying after re-living these events that caused my PTSD and anxiety in the first place. I messaged my friend who had originally posted and told him that I had to block notifications and could no longer respond. It wasn’t his fault, so I wanted to make sure he understood why I went silent.

Mask shaming is real, and the people who tell you that you are a selfish pig for not wearing a mask obviously don’t really care about people. People who care about others will show love and compassion, not judge others for things that they know nothing about. I feel like there are a lot of people who want to look like they care, and they are using the masks as a way to make themselves feel like heroes. Wearing a mask is so much easier than volunteering at a local food bank or delivering meals to the homebound. It’s easier than becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister, because that takes up actual time, and these people are busy. I mean, they have enough time to cause stress and anxiety by attacking strangers on Facebook, but not enough time to actually make a difference in the world.

I am not telling you not to wear a mask, though the health risks of wearing one are real. I trust you to make those decisions for yourself. Just don’t do it because you think it makes you look like a hero or that you care more than non-mask wearers. It doesn’t. It makes you look oxygen deprived. Maybe that’s why these people were so horrible – their brains have been deprived of oxygen for too long.

One man used my Facebook timeline as a reason to tell me that I was lying about my medical issues, and that I am just someone who is against mandates. Yes, I am against mandates, but that’s irrelevant. I explained that when someone has been a victim, and they work really hard to overcome past traumas, they will often come off as a fighter, because that feels much more empowering than being a victim. Don’t pretend to know someone else’s story. Everyone thought Robin Williams was the happiest guy in the world, and he killed himself.

The next time you see someone not wearing a mask, why don’t you say a prayer or wish him/her well? You have no idea why they aren’t wearing it, and regardless of their reason, yelling at them or shaming them is only a reflection of YOUR character, not theirs. Kindness comes from treating others with love and respect, not in wearing a piece of useless fabric. One day the truth will come out, and people will realize that this was all about control and power, not a virus. Now go wash your hands, because that actually IS helpful. Love, light, and peace to you until next time!

Livin’ Large with Personal Shoppers

OK, so we are now 4 months into the pandemic. The reported number of cases has gone up due to increased testing, but the number of hospitalizations and deaths has gone down, which shows that we are making tremendous progress, despite faulty test kits and listing car accident causalities as Covid-19 deaths.

So, the reasonable thing for corporations to do, now that we are in less danger, is to require mask-wearing of all of their customers. Makes perfect sense, right? My initial reaction was, “No big deal. I’ll just shop at the stores that don’t require oxygen deprivation chambers that force me to breathe in my own bacteria.” But now, the number of businesses requiring masks has risen to a staggering number, making it difficult to “just shop somewhere else.”

So what should we do? Bitch, complain and yell at associates who had nothing to do with this decision? Suck it up, and wear a mask? Go off the grid, grow our own food, and make our clothes out of hemp? I have to give a hard “NO” to all of these options. Forcing people to wear masks is a form of government control, and these companies are led by weak-willed people who want to appear as though they care. If they actually cared, they would let people choose for themselves.

We are inundated by the phrase “new normal.” OK, let’s take a look at how our new normal can work for us instead of against us. Do you think Warren Buffet hoofs it down to the local market to buy his produce? I don’t know Warren, but my guess is that he does not. People who make that much money value their time. I would like to propose that we all start valuing our time a little more, and here’s how we can do it.

Most places now offer curbside pick up, but very few people take advantage of it. I know I have never used it until today.  Today, I sat in the comfort of my boss babe chair, listening to some jazz, drinking my lemon water, and shopped online. I was able to select what time I wanted to pick up my order, which means I don’t actually have to leave my house, because I could send one of the kids or have my husband pick it up after work. Are you kidding me? I hate shopping. Now I get to sit here like a high roller, while a personal shopper schleps through the store listening to whiny kids and waiting for the lady in front of the dairy case to move her cart so he/she can get a container of oat milk for me. When I got to Aldi today, I clicked the link on my phone, and they had my groceries loaded in the back of my Hyundai within a few minutes. Mind blown. Why haven’t I been doing this all along?

Raining? No problem. Curbside pickup. Don’t feel like wearing pants? Curbside pick up. I have just made Walmart, Target, Aldi, Menards, and Festival Foods my bitches. Best of all – no impulse buying. I think today was the first time in the history of mankind that I only bought what was on my list. Corporations’ attempts to control us just backfired in a powerful way. If everyone started shopping this way, how long would it take before they are forced to hire more employees to do our shopping? That sounds expensive. Those self-checks that we all hate will collect dust. And have you ever waited in line at Aldi? It’s painstaking. This could honestly be the best thing that has ever happened as long as we don’t get weak and start wearing masks if we have chosen not to. Best of all? I never have to step foot in a Walmart again. Ever. Can you hear the giddiness in my voice?

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I want to run into a store and buy my own stuff. In the city nearest to me, my favorite natural food store is still using common sense, and I can walk in and do what I need to do. Eventually, in early November, this will miraculously end, I’m sure. But until then, we don’t have to complain or be bullied into mask compliance. Necessity is the mother of invention. If “new normal” means I don’t have to wait in check out lines or deal with crazy people who are yelling at their kids in public, more power to ME. I invite you to make the nonsense work for you instead of against you. Being mad only affects your physiology. Do you think that the stores care that you’re pissed? Of course not. So shop at the places who value your freedom, but if you want an item at one of these other stores, make them bring it to you. Wear a feather boa and sunglasses and hold a useless, small dog on your lap. It just makes it more fun!

Independence Day 2020

This morning, I read an article posted by a friend on social media. It was “reported” by NBC News. To my surprise, the article itself was very fact-filled and accurate, but the heading was misleading, clearly intended to insight fear. Here’s the heading:

“S. Dakota Gov. Noem says ‘We will not be social distancing’ at July 3 celebration with Trump at Mount Rushmore.”

What the article actually said was, attendees “will not be required to practice social distancing” Do you see the difference here? One is a mandate and one is giving people a choice. The media continues to take stories that shouldn’t outrage anyone and make them sound heinous. The article goes on to say, for “those who want to come out and join us, we’ll be giving out free face masks, if they choose to wear one.” 

WHAT? Personal choice and responsibility for our own health and bodies? WTF is happening here? The responses from readers on the social media page were what really confused me. People were outraged to be given freedom of choice. I can’t quite wrap my head around that one. I demand freedom while others are terrified of it, apparently.  Here is the response thread:

Christine said, “Unbelievable,” while Jane said, “Embarrassing!” Jenny touted, “I think I need a cartoon swearword emoji for articles like this.” (Swear word is two words, Jenny. Jus sayin’.)

My response, which I’m sure will not be well received, but I have zero f*cks to give about that, was as follows: “Personal responsibility. What a concept. It’s about time we stop treating everyone as if they were in daycare. It’s shocking to me that you all enjoy being told what to do. If you read the article, it doesn’t say anywhere that they are forcing people at gun point to attend this. Free choice. It’s America, for crying out loud.”

In response to the lack of social distancing requirements, the website for the event states: “attendance will be limited ‘to around 7500 participants.'” Folks, limiting attendance is, in fact, a form of encouraging social distancing.

When did we start living in a country where everyone looks to the government to make decisions for them? Why are people seemingly unable to make sound, rational decisions for themselves? When I get up in the morning, I don’t turn on the news to see what is safe for me to do that day. I live my life, using my critical thinking skills to make decisions. Herein lies the problem. People seem to have been programmed, like in the movies, or Nazi Germany, to hand over their freedoms “in the name of safety.” It’s terrifying to think that our nation’s people have somehow turned into robots, rather than being able to take pieces of information from different sources, draw their own reasonable conclusions about them, and choose accordingly.

This reminds me of that twit at the Madison Kwik Trip who yelled at my daughters and me to stand 6’ feet apart. I laughed, thinking she was joking. I said, “Oh, it’s ok. We’re all together.” She still insisted that we stand 6’ feet apart. We left and took our business to a place where the employees seemed sane: outside of Madison, obviously.

Safety is somewhat of a misnomer. Of course we should use common sense: wear your seatbelt, tie your shoes before you get on an escalator, don’t eat poison…but there are no guarantees. When you drive your car, wearing your facemask, of course, you are way more likely to be killed in an accident than contract Corona. When your number is up, it’s up. Why don’t you focus on living well with the time you have? Be kind to someone for no reason. Breathe oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. Be generous and loving. Hold the door for someone – the cooties probably won’t kill you. I’ve been touching door handles for 48 years. Living on the edge.

This weekend is a celebration of our freedom as a nation. Don’t take that for granted, because there are a lot of people out there who seem to be willing to give it away. Those people have never had to fight to protect it, I assure you. Do not let “the land of the free and the home of the brave” become “the land of the oppressed and home of the fearful.”

Happy Independence Day to the United States of America. If you don’t like freedom, get out. Seriously. We’re sick of your bullshit.

Don’t Tell Me to Be Nice

I got triggered this week. Big time. I was pissed off about another inane decision that was in direct contradiction to what would be considered safe practices for people with compromised immunities, and I posted about it. A long-time friend who has never been shy about saying whatever is on her mind told me to “be nice.” This landed about as well as telling an angry wife to “calm down.” Ladies, you know what I’m talking about here.

I have work to do. I am being spiritually called to be a change leader. This makes people uncomfortable, because it causes them to take a look at their own responses to situations and decide whether they are part of the solution or part of the problem. Asking me to be nice was tantamount to asking me not to say what I believe in my heart, and that is unacceptable. Unfortunately, I lashed out in a text to this person, which is not my normal way of responding to someone. For that, I apologize. For my original post and beliefs, I am not sorry.

As my long-term blog readers know, I was a “nice” people pleaser for the first 43 years of my life, and it was the slow death for my soul, which eventually led me into depression and at times gave rise to suicidal thoughts. So asking me to go back to that that mealy-mouthed wimp who cared what everyone thought of her is equivalent to telling me to put a gun to my head. Quite honestly, the latter would be preferable.

I realize that many people are going to get rubbed the wrong way by my truth telling, because it’s much more comfortable to believe the false narratives and follow the crowd. I have referred to this behavior as being “sheep.” This is offensive to many people, because they struggle with cognitive dissonance. The Nazi sympathizers followed orders, too, even though it contradicted what they knew was moral and just.

There are many things that you can do when faced with people like me who are working to make change. You can be supportive of the change maker by actually reading the post and doing your own research before contributing to the conversation. You can ask questions in a respectful manner, or comment in a way that elicits a meaningful discussion. If you want to argue, but keep the friendship in tact, you should do it privately by text or messenger. Friends don’t publicly shame one another.

My point is that there is a large group of people working to make positive change in this world, and that requires making the collective uncomfortable. Nobody changes until it becomes too painful to stay the same. So you can start working to reveal the truth, or you can let us do it for you. What you can’t do is shame us, dim our light or quiet our voices, at least not without repercussions. It took me a long time to find the courage to stand in my truth and I’ll be damned if I will ever let someone take it away, no matter who they are.

“Well-behaved women don’t make history.” (It’s debatable who said this first, but it rings true for me.) What if the women’s suffrage campaigners had listened to the people who told them to go home and shut up? We wouldn’t be able to vote. For every person who tries to silence me, there are five more telling me to keep going. I continually have people asking me to run for office. I dismissed that idea for a long time, but it’s not off the table. I need to discern in which way I can be of the most service. I love helping people one-on-one through my coaching, Reiki and biofield tuning. I see positive changes in people every day, and I know I am making a difference for them. Tonight, I am joining 45 other Reiki practitioners and light workers in a group healing for the world. We are doing what we can do to help others, even if it’s on a small scale. Please feel free to join us at 9:00 pm Central time (06/01/20) to send positive energy, prayer or whatever you feel called to do.

When Marianne Williamson ran for office, it was too soon. People weren’t ready to be led by a light worker, even though it’s exactly the kind of leadership the world needs. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t recognize the value of her campaign at the time, either. That gives me pause. I know that I couldn’t run for office on a Republican or Democrat ticket, because I don’t fully align with any party, nor do I desire to fit into that half-assed mess.

I value the sanctity of life and the environment. I support small business and capitalism, but only in a way that values sustainability and fare trade. I’m a proponent of public education, but not of government-controlled curriculum. I want to help minorities to receive job training to eliminate poverty and government assistance programs, which are nothing more than methods of control. I don’t find it empowering to tell a minority that they are unable to make it in the world without government help. THAT is racist and oppressive. I’m a study in duality, and that doesn’t fit the narrative. Perhaps it needs to become the new political climate, and maybe I’m supposed to be a part of making that change. I don’t know yet.

This brings me to the subject of the “new normal.” I freaking hate that term, because the intent behind it is to subject people to being controlled at a higher level. That being said, I also don’t want things to go back to the way they were before. I don’t want people to resume their business with no concern for what is happening outside of their own little worlds. That is exactly what led us down the primrose path of destruction. I realize that it’s exactly what most people want, because it’s comfortable. It’s what we know. But it will lead us right back to where we are today.

We are being given a unique opportunity to choose differently; to do better. We have the ability to stand up to our corrupt governments around the world and say, “No more.” We do not have to tolerate mandates and government control of our wellness, our food supplies or the way we live our daily lives.  Their “new normal” is bullshit – let’s step up and create the world that we want to live in, not the one that creates more complacency and division. Don’t you see that creating division makes it easier to control us? Do you think that Black Lives Matter started the riots across the country? They did not. They started peaceful protests, which were led out of control by antagonizer groups like Antifa. Covid-19 didn’t keep us locked up in our homes long enough, so a race war was started. And we allowed it.

I realize that I am going down a rabbit hole with this, but it’s necessary for people to understand that this is a real situation that needs addressing. Until we remove our heads from the sand and face the fact that our government rarely has our best interests at heart, this corruption isn’t going to end. We allow politicians to make careers out of their positions, instead of serving limited terms. This makes the job about making money instead of making change. Herein lies the problem. They have forgotten, or just don’t care, that they are supposed to be serving the people. We don’t need to serve them. We are their bosses. Own that shit.

I understand that not everyone is being called to be a change maker. All I ask is that you stay out of the way for those of us who are. There’s a big difference between debating a point and trying to shut a person down. Let the light shine instead of blowing out the candle, even if you don’t understand. Ask questions instead. Peace out.

There’s no such thing as Security

While reading through my feed this morning, I became increasingly frustrated the more I read. I’ve been working daily to get our small businesses reopened, because people are losing their livelihoods – businesses that have been the culminations of their life’s work and life’s savings. These people have worked hard to build viable businesses, only to be threatened with fines and arrests if they continue to make a living. Arrested for making a living – let that sink in for a moment.

Let’s face it: our world is ravaged by fear right now. Fear of the unknown. Fear of dying. Fear of standing up and speaking your truth because others will ridicule you. Yes, I know who you are, and I understand your fear. Thank you for sending all of your messages to me, and letting me stand up for your beliefs when you don’t feel able to do so because of fear of losing your job or being ostracized. It’s good to let someone who doesn’t need anyone’s approval do your dirty work. I got you.

Now, it’s understandable why people were afraid at the beginning of this pandemic. The media presented it as an apocalypse, so naturally people freaked out. I was curious as to why people are still afraid, given the new information, more accurate stats, and better treatments? So, I started thinking about why people might ignore scientific data and continue to fear this treatable virus, and then it occurred to me: Ego.

People are so hell bent on being justified in their fear, and now they don’t want to look like idiots by admitting they were wrong. Why do you think governors continue to lock down their states, even though the majority of new cases are people who have “sheltered in place?” (Currently, 66% of hospitalized New Yorkers with Covid-19 were sheltering in place prior to contracting the virus) They made a mistake: sheltering in place wasn’t the answer.  Now they would have to admit their egregious error to be able to course correct. Rather than owning up to the fact that they made decisions based on fear, they stay the course, telling people that it isn’t safe to go outside, which is absolutely ridiculous, because fresh air and sunshine are the best things for our bodies right now.

It’s pathetic that the city parks have taken down the tennis nets and basketball hoops. Cities are making it harder to exercise and be healthy by removing options for activity. It makes me question the motives of lawmakers. Many wellness practitioners across the country are still closed. Chiropractors, Reiki practitioners, Myofascial Release therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, sound therapists – why are we keeping people away from practitioners that help us to BOOST our immunities?

Now, let’s look at which businesses were allowed to stay open: big box stores, fast food restaurants and liquor stores. Is this because a Big Mac and a whiskey sour are going to keep us healthier than a Reiki treatment and a game of basketball with our families? Are you less likely to catch a virus by cramming yourself into a Walmart with a few hundred others than if you were one of a few people in a small business? What in the hell do lawmakers know about health or immunity? Clearly, nothing.

As someone who insists on speaking my truth, it infuriates me when I see how others are being kept from standing up for their own beliefs. Day after day, I get messages thanking me for what I am doing to encourage people to educate and advocate for themselves. I have heard from educators from several different districts that tell me that they agree with what I am saying, but that they can’t post anything for fear professional ramifications. Think about that for a minute. Our educators, who are in charge of teaching our children how to think critically and make sound decisions based on researched information, are being silenced.

When did America become weak? When did we decide that rocking the boat was a bad thing? What if our founding fathers had decided they didn’t want to piss off the king of England? What if women and blacks had never fought for the right to vote? We wouldn’t have this nation of badassery and innovation that we are privileged to call home. We aren’t perfect by a long shot, but why does America have the highest immigration rate in the world? People come here for freedom: freedom to build a business; speak their minds without repercussions; and raise their children in whatever faith they choose. Is that happening, or do you feel like you need to keep quiet to preserve your place in society? Why are people being made to think that they need permission to live their lives?

I think of those who came before us: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman and JFK, just to name a few. I feel like they would wonder why they fought for freedom for a bunch of nervous hand-wringers who are so complacent and afraid to stand up for their rights that they allow their governors to impose draconian orders. Nobody is asking you to lead a march in Washington, unless you want to. I am asking for you to look around and see what is happening in our country right now. Look at how your rights are systematically being taken away in the name of “safety.”

How many Holocaust victims are looking at us from their eternal resting places, yelling at us like they are watching a horror movie and we are the stupid actors who are about to go check the basement to see what that noise is. “No! Don’t do it! It’s a trick! Why are you letting them inject poisons into you? Holy shit! Now they’re getting chipped!” And then they cover their eyes so they don’t have to watch us get spiritually murdered. Did they die in vain for a society who has learned nothing from history? I hope not.

Our own selfishness is the root cause of this situation. The attitude of not caring about things that don’t directly affect us is a dangerous way to live. I wish I could make people care, but I know I can’t. Everyone has a different circumstance and doesn’t seem to care about the circumstances of others. And those of us that do are labeled “conspiracy theorists: or told that we don’t care about how many people die. We do care, actually. We care much more than the people who obediently follow orders. We see the writing on the wall, and we know that the numbers of deaths that will come from the “solution” are much higher than the number of deaths caused by the virus.

Consider the different situations currently faced by people across the world. I realize there are many more types of situations, but it’s a blog, not a book.

Person A: at home getting an unemployment check and stimulus that equals more than he would make if he were working.

Person B: continues to work, because she is considered essential. Person B is paying taxes to fund Person A, but at least she is still able to provide for her family.

Person C: not working and receiving no financial benefits. Person C is screwed, but Person A and Person B have no effs to give because it doesn’t affect them personally. Person C might die, and it will be labeled as a Covid-19 death, even though he died from hanging himself out of despair.

What in the hell are we doing? Where is our compassion for our fellow humans? If you are in a situation where you are at risk of getting very sick, then let the healthy population take on the work. It’s what we are here for. Stay home and protect yourself. I’m pissed at the healthy people who are succumbing to fear – turn off your televisions and go back to work if your State Czar allows you to do so. Stop buying into the fear that the media is programming you to believe.

“We are all in this together.” Bullshit. We are all in this separately, because that’s how it was designed. Divide and conquer. Pit people against one another. Convince them that the government is the only one they can trust. I’ll let you in on a little secret – they don’t give a crap about you. You are a number, a voter. If they convince you that you need them, through stimulus checks and fear mongering, you become easy to control, which keeps them in power. The government hates me, because I’m not picking up what they are putting down. That’s probably why I haven’t received one cent in aid, though I haven’t been allowed to work since March. And I’m totally ok with that…I want to work for my money, not accept charity.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” – Henry David Thoreau

SOS! Our Small Businesses Need Us!

Yes, I am a blogger. My posts typically reflect my own opinion and thoughts about a subject, usually an observation I have made about human nature or just to throw the mainstream media under the bus (Don’t worry CNN. I’ll get back to you later). This one is different. As a Certified Professional Coach, I am very passionate about supporting others in their pursuit of their passions. No one exemplifies this quite like small business owners. I love being an entrepreneur so much that I have three of my own businesses: Unlimited Potentials Coaching, Reiki Girl and my copywriting/editing business, Get It Write. Because of the mandated shutdown of many of our small businesses, I spent some time last week talking with some business owners that I know, asking them how their work has been impacted by the shut down. I want to thank those who contributed to this article, Michelle Richard, owner of Marketing in Harmony; Jim Hess, owner of Pro Clean; and Melissa Schofield, owner of Triple Moon Healing.

In the interest of length, I decided to publish this with only three interviews. Thank you to those who were willing to contribute, but weren’t featured here: Christy Giese, owner of Snaggle Foot Dog Walks and Pet Care – Round Lake; Melissa Klima Boller, owner of Chaser Court Reporting; and Sarah Sippel, owner of Stel and Shay Salon. Perhaps there will be a second installment of this blog at a later date: the post-apocalypse edition? Please enjoy the stories shared with me, and consider supporting these businesses, as well as mine. When you support a small business, that money goes directly to a family, not a big box corporation. Thank you!

Two years ago, I met Michelle Richard, an accomplished, hard-working businesswoman in Kimberly, Wisconsin, who decided to complete the iPEC coaching program with her husband, Jonny. I was in the same program with them. Michelle is passionate about travel, and during our time together, she shared her vision for a business that would allow her to assist others in finding ways to take time off from work to travel. Though in the early stages of development, Michelle had named her company Fanatical Sabbatical. I loved hearing about her journey building this business, and each time we met in Minneapolis for coach training, she had more to share with me.

After two years of dedication to this project, and spending thousands of dollars on web design, Michelle launched her new business on February 26, 2020. The following day, she headed to California for a business conference, only to find out about the pandemic during her trip. She flew back to Wisconsin, filled with uncertainty about the future of her new business. The reality of the situation hit her when she read a piece from one of her favorite travel bloggers. She recalled from the article, “His revenue had dropped 90% in a few weeks.” Wrestling with the truth of knowing that her business was going to struggle to get off the ground, she conceded to the fact that she would need to change course. Michelle told me, “It felt like grief. It (a small business) is part of your identity. It’s a piece of you.”

Thus begins the story of her brand-new business, Marketing in Harmony, launched a few short weeks ago. Having been trained as a coach proved valuable to her during this time, as Michelle knew how to ask the right questions of herself to assist in moving forward. “I had to ask myself, ‘What do I enjoy doing?’” She relayed to me that she has always loved the technical and creative process of web design, and that she knew many coaches were brilliant with coaching their clients, but weren’t necessarily gifted in the technical field. She decided to build a business that could fill the need many new coaches have when it comes to presenting themselves in an online platform. “When I wake up and know I have a website to build, it’s like Christmas morning!”

Michelle can be reached here: michelle@marketinginharmony.com.

My friend and fellow Reiki Master Teacher, Melissa Schofield, felt the call to learn Reiki when she was visiting her mother’s natural food store in Iowa five years ago. One of her mother’s employees was a practitioner, and after learning more about it, Melissa felt the call to learn Reiki herself. She told me, “I have always felt called to help people.” After a few years of practicing from a treatment room in her home, Melissa decided, in the fall of 2018, to open her business in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The name came to her instantly: Triple Moon Healing. She and her former business partner found a location that was perfect, and went to work remodeling and furnishing the space with all of the amenities needed to make it a relaxing, healing environment for their clients. Starting a brick and mortar business is a huge investment of time and finances, requiring equipment, class supplies, technology, insurance, building permits, and all of the little things we take for granted when we visit a business, like bathroom supplies. Triple Moon opened its doors to the public less than one year ago.

In addition to the services she offers, Melissa felt it was important to provide nutritional support to her clients, and carries a wide variety of supplements from companies such as New Chapter, Europharma (Terry Naturally), Curamin & Curamed, Nutraceutical and Solar Ray. Melissa carries a full stock of NOW brand AlliBiotic CF for immunity. Shortly after she ordered her supplements, the state ordered that the businesses be closed; leaving her with an inventory that has gone largely unsold.

The shut down is making things difficult because, as Melissa reported, “Lower income means lowering my ability to bring in new products.” She relies on her services to generate income for the business, and people need what she offers now more than ever. In addition to Reiki, Triple Moon offers meditation classes and foot detox baths. These are wonderful tools for boosting the body’s immunity, and would help her clients to stay healthy and balanced in our current stressful environment. Wellness services are the last things we need closed down right now.

You can contact Melissa to inquire about supplements and services at triplemoonhealing@gmail.com. She also recommends that you follow the Facebook page (Triple Moon Healing) for business hours and classes.

In Eden, Wisconsin, Jim Hess, owner of Pro Clean (carpeting and upholstery cleaning services) faces different challenges. Initially, he told me that he had a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not his business would be allowed to continue operating. As it turned out, in-home cleaning was determined to be “essential” by the governor, so Jim planned to keep his business moving forward. There was one problem: people were not hiring cleaning services at the same rate as before the lockdown. There are a few reasons that Jim cited as to why his April business is down 55%. He expressed to me that some people are afraid to let anyone come into their homes, even though it will make their spaces more sanitary by removing the dirt and dust mites imbedded in their carpets and upholstery. The second issue is that people are working from home and their children are home from school. Most people have Pro Clean come in to work while they are gone to work and school. Having a house full of people makes it a bit more complicated to move furniture and keep people out of rooms that are being cleaned, though Jim said that he is more than willing to make that work.

When I asked Jim about the investment needed to start a business like Pro Clean, he relayed that Steve Schmidt started the business in 1984, and that he (Jim) bought it from him in 1994. In addition to paying for the initial business rights and equipment, including a van that houses the cleaning apparatus, Jim needs to upgrade his equipment every few years. “We work on a pretty tight budget,” he told me. This is truly a family business, with the only employees being his son, who works with him in the field, and his wife, Denise, who takes care of the book keeping and office responsibilities.

Jim and I discussed the responsibility that goes along with owning a business. Self-employment does give one the freedom to work for him or herself, but with that comes increased responsibility. “Having a small business means being available 24/7. I recently received a call at midnight because a client had a water pipe that burst, soaking the carpet.” When asked what he would like to see happen going forward, Jim voiced his concern over whether or not the legislators will fight for the small businesses to get back to normal, or if they are going to compromise, allowing restrictions to be imposed upon us.

Jim can be reached at Pro Clean at: (920)948-4437.

I could honestly write about small businesses and their founders’ stories all day, but the message I wanted to convey was that these are not just big names without faces.  These are our friends, our neighbors, and the people who sponsor the Little League teams. Our small businesses are in crisis, and we have seen far too many permanent closures already. Getting our businesses back on line should be a top priority of our governors around the country. Stacking everyone up in big box stores does nothing to keep people healthy. Think about the environment in a small business for a moment. How many people are usually there at one time? In my experience, there aren’t too many.

When I go downtown to Cartridge World, there is never more than one other customer there at the same time that I am. My hair stylist takes one client at a time, and cleans the space between services. When a client comes to me for Reiki or Biofield Tuning, I leave a 15-20 minute window between clients, which is ample time to sanitize the treatment table and put clean sheets on it. My guitar teacher takes one student at a time, and we each bring our own guitar for the lesson. There is no danger in receiving the services provided by the small businesses listed here. It’s time to get our lives back and support the people who make our existence happier, healthier and more fulfilling. Inventors and entrepreneurs built this country; remember that when these places are able to open for business.